Base 64 Decode

Decode a base 64 string online, if you want to encode, you can use the Base 64 Encode tool.

Base64 is a representation of binary data in an ASCII string. To encode an ASCII string to base64, the string will first be converted to binary, then it will be split in groups of 6 bits which are going to be represented by their index value from the base64 index of 64 characters.

For example, the string "ABC" would be encoded to "QUJD".

Note that this is not encryption, it is easy to decode a string in base64.

The principal usage of base64 is to preserve a string's integrity across applications that may not support all characters of the original string.

The pseudo-random data is generated by node.js Crypto module. This is a good thing, because for example: most random number generator are based on time, and if you know when the number was generated, there's a good chance that you can also know what is it (or predict a future generation). In this case, the randomness comes from "noise" gathered from various hardware events, such as a hard drive working or a mouse moving.

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