Hi, I am Joel, a web developer from Quebec, CA and this is my experiment!

This website is a collection of tools that I have needed in the past, which I now make available for everyone to use. It is also my playground to test new technologies or techniques.

I started working on this website in 2016 as a way to learn a new programming language (Node.js) and I consider this a success :) I won't stop here however, I have many more tools planned, stay tuned.

If you want to give feed back or contact me for any reason, you can send me an email at .

The pseudo-random data is generated by node.js Crypto module. This is a good thing, because for example: most random number generator are based on time, and if you know when the number was generated, there's a good chance that you can also know what is it (or predict a future generation). In this case, the randomness comes from "noise" gathered from various hardware events, such as a hard drive working or a mouse moving.

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