Secure Password Generator

Generate secure passwords based on cryptographically strong pseudo-random data.

Easy Polls

Create a poll easily and share it's link with your audience.

Random Number Generator

Easily simulate dice rolls, you can select the number of die faces and how many rolls you want to do. Don't have a coin handy? Simulate a coin flip! For complete customization, get a random number from a range or draw a random element from a set.

Network Tools

Find your external IP using the Public IP Address tool!

The pseudo-random data is generated by node.js Crypto module. This is a good thing, because for example: most random number generator are based on time, and if you know when the number was generated, there's a good chance that you can also know what is it (or predict a future generation). In this case, the randomness comes from "noise" gathered from various hardware events, such as a hard drive working or a mouse moving.

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